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Greetings Everyone,

Here is today’s worship service!

Palm Sunday Service:
Online Service with Virtual Palm Processional

Also included in this is the schedule for Holy Week and ways to give offering online. Please read so you are informed with what is going on in the life of the church.

Maundy Thursday: Link Below

At home dinner church. Please find the bulletin for your service at the link above.



Good Friday: Link will be sent on Friday

Online Worship and Reading of the Passion Story including members from all four of our churches.

Easter: Parking Lot Church | Two Services: 8am and 10:30am | Location TBD

Things to remember as this is only safe if we follow this exact protocol.

1)   We will not be exiting our vehicles in anyway.

2)   Do NOT open your windows. You may leave your car running to control temperatures.

3)   You will need to download the bulletin at the link that will be provided closer to the date.

4)   You will need to bring your own communion elements to join with us in the sacrament. We will not be providing these items. Juice only please. Don’t drive with wine.

5)   If you are out for church, please be safe in all aspects. If you need to stop for gas please practice safe measures. We don’t want you to get sick because you came out for church. Drive to church in the parking lot, drive home, and enjoy your Easter. If our state imposes stricter laws about leaving our homes, we will reevaluate this service.

Online Giving: 

Please know during this time that we are still carrying out ministry, needing to support other ministries in their time of need, and that our buildings are still creating bills to be paid; all while offering is at a critical low. If you are still able to and have not faced economic hardship during this pandemic, please considering giving to your congregation at the link below. You may also send your offering to PO Box 1742, Stanley, ND. For online giving:



Pastor Carter and Pastor Sarah