Opening the Doors

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013

“Our congregation, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ross, ND, has been brainstorming for a long time now as to how to welcome and be of service to our rapidly growing community. Through our efforts of posting fliers with information concerning events and worship times, we have discovered our greatest response comes when we communicate one-to-one by looking each other in the eye.

Because of a personal invite, a gal who was new to our community joined us for Bible Study on Tuesday mornings. Through caring conversations in a group setting, we asked the question, “What is your greatest need… today?” What was craved most was a gathering place.

Many of those new to Ross have come to work in oil-related businesses and many are living in cramped living spaces. In the summer, they can get together outside, but in the cold and snowy months, their homes are too small for more than 6-8 people to gather. On Easter Sunday, we opened our church doors, so they would have a spot to cook a meal and socialize as a group.

A simple gesture on our part, but it meant the world. They were all very appreciative and blessed the local food pantry with a donation to say thanks. Our congregation has put the invite out for folks to come back anytime. To cook a meal, bake some cookies or bread, or for the kids to do homework projects. And, of course, to join us for worship! Easter is a beautiful time for new beginnings. BLC has been blessed to be a blessing. THANKS BE TO GOD!!”

– Wayne and Diana Evans

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