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We are a family of believers serving the Ross-Stanley Community, and we invite you to join us for worship and fellowship!

We strive to be a place of good soil, where the seeds of faith can grow. Jesus has given us hearts for serving the world, both across the globe and just outside our front door.

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American Lutheran Church

We seek to be a place of peace, love, and welcome. Our doors are open to the community and many groups use our building nearly every day of the week. Kids feel comfortable here.

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Knife River Lutheran Church

We’re just trying to be a bright spot out here in the sticks. We pride ourselves on being a comfortable and informal faith home. We see Christ in our relationships and families.

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Faith Lutheran Church

We seek to be the family of God, where different people come together for the sake of Jesus Christ.

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If you’re new to our area or new to faith, you are welcome in our churches! Here you can learn what we believe about God and how that impacts who we are as Christians. Then come check us out in person by joining us for worship this Sunday!

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Opening the Doors

Opening the Doors

“Our congregation, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ross, ND, has been brainstorming for a long time now as to how to welcome and be of service to our rapidly growing community. Through our efforts of posting fliers with information concerning events and worship times, we have discovered our greatest response comes when we communicate one-to-one by looking each other in the eye.

Because of a personal invite, a gal who was new to our community joined us for Bible Study on Tuesday mornings. Through caring conversations in a group setting, we asked the question, “What is your greatest need… today?” What was craved most was a gathering place.

Many of those new to Ross have come to work in oil-related businesses and many are living in cramped living spaces. In the summer, they can get together outside, but in the cold and snowy months, their homes are too small for more than 6-8 people to gather. On Easter Sunday, we opened our church doors, so they would have a spot to cook a meal and socialize as a group.

A simple gesture on our part, but it meant the world. They were all very appreciative and blessed the local food pantry with a donation to say thanks. Our congregation has put the invite out for folks to come back anytime. To cook a meal, bake some cookies or bread, or for the kids to do homework projects. And, of course, to join us for worship! Easter is a beautiful time for new beginnings. BLC has been blessed to be a blessing. THANKS BE TO GOD!!”

– Wayne and Diana Evans

Bethlehem Sign & Oil Trucks

The Gift of Green Space

The Gift of Green Space

Covered in dust on a dry day, drenched in mud on a wet one, the town of Ross is booming with oil trucks, pipe, trains, campers, and people.  At the center of activity lies Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  Though it is not large, the church has a patch of bright green grass to the west that stands out among the various shades of brown surrounding it.  In an effort to share their gift of green with neighbors, new and old, last spring members placed picnic tables and two 12×4 foot raised garden beds in the yard.  The community was invited to harvest the produce, for their own use, as it was ready.  This summer a play set was added to the space.  This provides a safe place to swing, climb, and slide for kids living in campers and temporary housing units. “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.” Mark 9:37.

ross playground

May Christ’s light continue to shine from Bethlehem Lutheran, like a beacon calling others to Him, through clouds of dust and rivers of mud.

-Barbara Roise

Reaching out with Donuts

donutsThe last week of October, the Knife River ladies got together and made 15 dozen donuts and many ladies made cookies at home as well.  We decided to take trays of these goodies to our neighbors, Whiting Oil Co. and Great Western Resources  LC Trucking on Halloween, Oct. 31st, to welcome them to our community with an open invitation to our church as well.  These two companies are within 6 miles of our congregation along Highway 8.  We made a little standup invitation with the picture of our church and it was very familiar to them as most of them drive by our church every day.  They were very appreciative of the goodies and our thoughtfulness of them.

~ Betty Harstad and Women of the Knife River ELCA

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